Adjustable Pallet Racking

Our Acrow Crimped Box Beams are unique and specially formulated for extra strength and durability as they have a superior load capacity compared to other standard Box Beams available on the market. Acrow achieves this due to a second rolling stage performed on the box beams by crimping them into a permanent fixed position. Acrow is tooled-up to manufacture most systems available on the market upon request.

Our End Frames:

  • Range from Extra Light Duty to Extra Heavy duty (3 tons to 24 tons) and (55mm face to 120mm face)
  • Can be bolted or welded, depending on client requirements
  • Can be rolled to their maximum height in one piece, due to no limits of Paint Plant Length

Preferred systems:

  • Acrow Series 70 / 75
  • Acrow Qlock (Dexion)
  • Symo Rack

Acrow also produces various bolted racking systems for local and export markets. All systems are fully adjustable and have add on capability both in length and height. A full range of accessories are available e.g. Clip over decks, drum supports, backstop and bumper beams, back-to-back ties and timber decks. Loading capacities are specified on consultation with our sales and marketing division.


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