How Acrow is handling the CoronaVirus

Dear Valued Customer / Supplier / Staff members

With the news dominated by Coronavirus, we want to let you know that we are vigilantly implementing enhanced
protocols to ensure your safety. The safety of YOU, our customers, suppliers and our staff is of paramount
importance to us, and we are closely monitoring the news, information, advice and guidance from the World Health
Organization regarding the spread of the Coronavirus and together with our COVID – 19 Safety Committee who is
in charge of training all staff members, we will be taking the following actions in order to slow down the spread of the virus:

Installation Teams:
We have enhanced our cleaning techniques of our installation and delivery vehicles, equipment and equipped all
installation staff members with sanitizers to use at all times.
We are paying special attention to places that installers touch on customer premises such as door handles, work
benches, toilets and basins and other hard surfaces by cleaning these with alcohol based sanitiser.
Installers will be equipped with ISO procedures in their safety file for inspection by our clients.

Factory and Offices:
We are cleaning all departments in our factory and offices frequently with recommended sanitising products. This
includes work surfaces, telephone handsets, computer keyboards, laptops, tablets, cell phones and frequently
handled equipment. We have placed hand sanitisers at key points in all of our departments and strategic reception
and facility areas to encourage customers, suppliers, visitors and employees to constantly clean their hands.

Welfare of our Employees:
We are taking steps to ensure the welfare of our employees by appointing a Corona Virus Safety Committee whose
function is to train all our staff members on safety procedures regarding hygiene and sanitizing as well as instruct all employees who feel ill to stay at home and consult their healthcare providers. All our staff are being informed to be vigilant about frequent hand washing. We strongly advise against direct personal contact such as handshakes and hugging as this could also transmit the infection.

Our truck and vehicle drivers, are being provided with hand sanitiser, (surgical face masks and gloves if available in the market).

Existing Installations:
We will be waiving cancellation fees for any bookings of installation at any time that need to be cancelled as a
result of a government Coronavirus related travel ban. If you have an existing installation, and a travel / work ban is implemented we want to reassure you that we will do everything we can to treat your installation with utmost
importance and complete it promptly after the lift of the ban.
We will not use subcontractors to do any installation as we will not be able to monitor their movements and hygiene

Operational Costs:
Cost cutting measures have been put in place to mitigate the negative economic impact we will endure.

Future Actions:
Together with our Corona Virus Safety Committee, Directors and Top managers, we have plans in place in the event of the following;
• In the event of a Coronavirus breakout within our operation
• In the event that a large number of our staff (Greater than 20%) are ill/isolated
• In the event of a provincial/national lockdown

We advise that you keep updated on the latest developments from the World Health Organisation and the National
Health Department has set up a hotline (0800 0299 99) to respond to all COVID-19 related enquiries, including
where you can get tested in your local area.

During this challenging time, we would like to reassure all our colleagues that Acrow has taken all necessary steps
to protect all customers/suppliers/staff our full capability and incorporated the implementation of these procedures in our ISO 9001:2015 standard which are available on request.

Kind Regards

Sandra Moya

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